Able to host over 65 players, our Game Center is where fun takes place every day. Our gaming tables are FREE to use whenever our events are not doing so. We pride ourselves in keeping the Game Center looking clean & smelling fresh so it is always an inviting place for family & friends to enjoy a demo game or get competitive in a tournament. In addition to our weekly events we also host Magic Prereleases, Grand Prix Trials, Game Days, Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers; HeroClix OP & Prereleases; Warmachine Steamrollers; and many other special events all listed on our Google Calendar below.

Weekly Events

Additional details can be found in the Google Calendar below:

– Monday – Magic Commander
– Monday – Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures
– Tuesday – HeroClix
– Tuesday – Pathfinder RPG Society
– Tuesday – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
– Wednesday – Warmachine & Hordes Miniatures
– Wednesday – Dungeons & Dragons Encounters
– Thursday – Magic Standard Tournament
– Thursday – Various RPGs
– Friday – Friday Night Magic Commander Pods
– Friday – Friday Night Magic Standard
– Friday – Friday Night Magic Draft
– Friday – Friday Night Magic Rotating Event Modern, Sealed, Modern, 2HG Sealed
– Saturday – Free tables for board games
– Sunday – Magic Modern Tournament

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